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Sporting Life Virtual Store Tour Video

Six Degrees was hired to create a virtual store tour video that Sporting Life used to showcase their stores to potential merchandising partners (like Nike). Sporting Life is Canada’s premier retailer of the best quality, brand-name fashion and sports equipment. The COVID-19 pandemic meant that partners could not physically attend store tours.

The challenge was to capture drone footage indoors, which traditional drones cannot achieve. So, we hired an RPV drone specialist that pilots smaller, lightweight drones that are suitable for indoor filming. We also captured regular B-roll footage (filmed on a gimbal at a high frame rate) at Sporting Life’s flagship store in Brentwood, Burnaby.


Client: Sporting Life

Location: Canada

Services: Scriptwriting, Title Animation, Logo Animation, Editing, Project Management, Music, Filming, Drone Videography, Directing, Producing

Category: Virtual Tour, Internal Comms, Store Tour Video


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