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E-Comm 911 Recruitment Video

British Columbia has a shortage of 911 call takers. As part of their call-taker recruitment efforts, Six Degrees was hired to create a recruitment promotional video that gives potential candidates a well-rounded overview of what it takes to become a call-taker.


We decided that the best way to tell the story is through a mix of voice-over that provides hard facts about E-Comm 911 mixed with interviews of real call takers speaking about their experiences. The brief was to provide a realistic view of the job, including its challenges. Our crew spent two full days filming at E-Comm 911’s two call centres in Vancouver and Victoria. They captured interview footage (filmed on two cameras) and B-roll footage of the building, support staff and call taker floor at both shoots.

The video is being used on E-Comm 911’s website recruiting portal and at informational sessions with potential candidates. 


Client: E-Comm 911

Location: Canada

Services: Scriptwriting, Videography, Filming, Directing, Producing, Timelapse, Logo Animation, Title Animation Template, Storyboard, Editing, Project Management, Music

Category: Recruitment Video, External Communications, HR Video


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