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SAP One Operating Model Design/Video

When SAP fundamentally changed how they viewed their customers, the way the provided value and how best to service them, they came to Six Degrees to help them launch a… rather complex message into the business – in the easiest way possible Design, Video and Animated format possible.

For this we make a conceptual animated video, that could be played at launches, meetings and to kick off internal and external engagements. Not only were we able to crunch down a substantial amount of strategy into just a minute or two, but we were able to humanise the message, so the viewers knew exactly why they needed to shift their won viewpoint, and why it would be better – for everyone – when they did.


Client: SAP

Services: Video Animation, Infographic Design, content creation, script writing

Category: Corporate Video, Explainer Animation, Design, Communications, Video Production, Media Production


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