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Nissan NEXperience Rebrand Media Presentations

Nissan South Africa were looking to rebrand and design their media facing presentations and media day collateral. The aim was to take the first steps into the new customer experience journey and relay how Nissan South Africa was ever adapting and changing to perform at their best.

In order to sell the concept we needed to use the right metaphor to demonstrate the clients thinking. This was achieved using long exposure light trails showcasing the journey and the speed at which the world moves forward. These examples celebrate not only the journey we have set out on but the mechanisms that allow us to adapt to the changing landscape.

This is the essence of ‘NEXPERIENCE’.


Client: Nissan, South Africa

Location: South Africa

Services: Video Animation, Video Editing, Conference Design, Content Creation, Script Writing, Printed Collateral Design, Digital Asset Design, Strategic Campaign Planning, Theme Creation


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