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Discovery Sales Conference 2019

The Discovery Sales Conference is a conference and gala event designed to ignite passion in the Discovery members, as well as give recognition to outstanding individuals and teams, accomplishments small and large, and the innovations driving Discovery forward. With this in mind the theme of Alpha was created and explored.

Alpha is synonymous with being the first and the best. It’s a conscious decision to approach everyday with an entrepreneurial spirit, passion and fire. It’s about innovation that isn’t constrained by the legacy of the past but rather focusses on creating a legacy for the future. Alpha is the difference each and every one makes to Discovery, every second of every day. It’s the secret formula no number can represent individually, but collectively it has driven market leading performance regardless of the economic environment. It’s the personality and character that gains market share and helps outperform the market. It’s the heart and drive that Discovery uses to make a difference.

The project involved theme conceptualisation, an overall design to be pulled through into to items such as certificates and exhibition collateral, and ultimately video and exhibition space design.



Client: Discovery Limited Financial Services

Location: South Africa

Services: Video Animation, Video Editing, Conference Design, Content creation, Script Writing, Printed Collateral Design, Digital Asset Design, Campaign Planning


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