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Neil Squire - Makers Making Change Event Video

The Neil Squire Society is a social enterprise that provides employment programs, computer tutoring, online services and assistive technology for persons with disabilities. Makers Making Change is a new, non-profit initiative by the Neil Squire Society, funded by the Google Foundation, the Government of Canada, and the Vancouver Foundation. Makers Making Change is committed to creating an international community of makers who support people with disabilities within their communities by creating accessibility solutions.

Six Degrees was hired to create a video to celebrate a significant milestone, Maker Making Change, creating their 10,000th device for persons with disabilities. The milestone was celebrated at an event hosted at EA Games, where community members gathered to build and create devices.


Client: Neil Squire Society

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Services: Videography, Filming, Directing, Producing, Editing

Category: Event Synopsis, Event Highlights, Testimonial Video, Promotional Video, Video


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