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mCloud AssetCare Product Explainer Video

mCloud is helping businesses across the globe curb energy waste, maximize energy production and get the most out of critical energy infrastructure. Six Degrees Productions was hired to create a series of marketing videos for mCloud’s website. This product video provides an overview of their flagship product, AssetCare.

A key part of the brief was visually representing the data flow from various assets like buildings, power plants and wind farms. So we combined stock footage and footage we captured on-site in Calgary and then added motion-tracked animations to the footage representing data being transmitted and interpreted.


Client: mCloud Technologies

Location: Canada, Vancouver

Services: Scriptwriting, Voice-over, Videography, Filming, Directing, Producing, Timelapse, Logo Animation, Title Animation Template, Motion-Tracked Animation, VFX, Storyboard, Editing, Project Management, Music, Sound Design

Category: Corporate Video, Product Video, Explainer Video, Video Marketing, Video Production, Media Production


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