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IABC/BC 40 Questions with the President

IABC/BC is a vibrant community of professionals working in communication and marketing-related disciplines driving business results through strategic communication. Six Degrees Media Productions has sponsored video marketing and communications services to IABC/BC for a number of videos.

 We created this video to introduce the incoming IABC president to the rest of the chapter. It was IABC British Columbia’s 40th Anniversary, so we asked the president 40 questions in a fun, engaging way. The video consists of one continuous shot, which took a lot of planning and trial and error to get right!

When the video was posted, it generated IABC/BC’s highest engagement of all time on their social media channels.


Client: IABC/BC (International Association of Business Communicators)

Location: Canada, Vancouver

Services: Videography, Filming, Directing, Editing, Project Management, Music

Category: Introductory Video, Communications, Video Marketing, Profile Video, Media Production, Video Production


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