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Glen Breton Commercial

Located on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Glenora Distillery is home to Canada’s first single malt whisky, Glen Breton Rare. Six Degrees Productions was hired to create a commercial to introduce Glen Breton to the U.S. market.

Since the owners of Glenora Distillery are of Scottish origin and Glen Breton’s stills were made in Scotland, we decided to create a commercial that showcases their heritage and tells their origin story.

We spent a few days capturing footage of their distillery, including drone footage of the premises, the distilling process, actors doing a tasting, facilities, warehouse, and bagpiper band. We used a studio setting to capture high-quality, close-up product shots of Glen Breton bottles, glasses and whisky pouring.

We produced several versions of this commercial for different advertising applications, including a 30-second, 60-second and 90-second commercial as well as options for vertical video. The commercial is being run as an ad on many social media platforms.


Client: Glenora Distillery

Location: Canada, Vancouver

Services: Scriptwriting, Voice-over, Videography, Drone Videography, Filming, Logo Animation, Storyboard, Project Management, Music, Sound Design

Category: Commercial, Online Advertising, Video Marketing, Video Production, Media Production


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