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Fentanyl Awareness Coalition Commercial

North America is in an overdose crisis, and deaths from fentanyl poisoning are at a record high. Six Degrees is proud to have partnered with Marlyse Williams from The Fentanyl Awareness Coalition to create a PSA commercial to bring awareness to the dangers of fentanyl poisoning.

Marlyse devised the concept and provided us with a rough storyboard which we used to visualize the commercial. She starred as the leading actress in the PSA, and we hired aspiring actor, Cale Ambrozic, to play the role of her son. All filming took place at Surrey Central Cemetery in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland.

We produced this PSA at cost as our way of giving back and bringing awareness to this important and heart-breaking cause.

 This PSA won gold at the Vega Awards in the Public Service/Activism category.


Client: Fentanyl Awareness Coalition (FAC)

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Services: Storyboard, Location Scout, Casting, Props, Cinematography, Filming, Logo

Animation, Storyboard, Project Management, Producing, Directing, Music, Sound Design

Category: PSA, Public Service Announcement, Non-Profit, Commercial, Online Advertising, Video Marketing


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