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Discovery Sales Conference 2020 Concept Design

The Discovery Sales Conference is a conference and gala event designed to ignite passion in the Discovery members, as well as give recognition to outstanding individuals and teams, accomplishments small and large, and the innovations driving Discovery forward. 

The concept was to explore the facets of legendary people, and associate them with the audience. The concept makes use of a vibrant colour paired with black and white imagery to shift the focus onto what Discovery values most, it’s people.

To the ones with fire in their bones.

The ones that leap towards every opportunity and rise to every occasion.

The ones who own the game, reinvent it and claim it.

The best of the best of the best.


The project involved theme conceptualisation, an overall design to be pulled through into to items such as certificates and exhibition collateral, and ultimately video and exhibition space design.



Client: Discovery Limited Financial Services

Location: South Africa

Services: Concept Design, Conference Design and Concept Development

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