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Bananatag Brand Explainer Animation


Bananatag, now rebranded as Staffbase, is a technology startup that provides internal communications specialists with an innovative platform for constructing and disseminating internal newsletters. Six Degrees was hired to create an explainer animation that shows how quick and easy it is to use Bananatag’s platform, as well as highlight some of the platform’s features and benefits. 

The creative foundation and the whimsical script underpinning the animation were conceived and drafted by Bananatag’s adept marketing team. Notably, select members of their workforce assumed various roles in the video production. This video was produced during the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring all on-screen performances by the staff to be captured remotely through Zoom.

In order to effectively replicate the distinctive elements of the user interface, including design attributes, interactive buttons, and dropdown menus, the marketing team at Bananatag gave us graphical mock-ups of their UI. The decision was made to opt for visual renditions of the platform components instead of traditional screen recordings, allowing for greater creative freedom and dynamic movement. 

The final animation was posted on Bananatag’s official website and various social media platforms. Once posted, it had an immediate impact, and the animation amassed an impressive 30,000 views on YouTube within the initial weeks of its release, signifying its resonance and widespread engagement.


Client: Bananatag (now Staffbase)

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Services: Motion Design, 2D Animation, Storyboard, Project Management, Music, Sound Design

Category: Explainer Animation, Explainer Video, Promotional Video, Demo Video, Video Marketing


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