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Event AV


Social Media

Communication Company

To communicate is to connect.

This is how we drive our species, move our society forward and power-up our businesses.

Six Degrees is a team of marketing and communications specialists who have turned events, presentations, and videos into an effective artform.

The bridge between where you are and where you need to be is your message.

Let our specialist expertise accelerate yours!


Video Production

With social media, being online all the time, lost borders, and multiple time zones, we simply can’t be everywhere. Videos allow us to communicate anything, anywhere. Pre-crafted, they deliver your message perfectly every time – any time. We script, shoot, edit, and animate so you can say what needs to be said, ready for the world to hear.

Video Production



There are so many things you can’t shoot – which is where animation really steps up. In an era of faster-slicker-clearer, animations are essential tools in your box of tricks – and can do things other products can’t…

When it comes to clarifying concepts, explaining ideas or introducing brands, you simply can’t beat animated videos.


Social Media

Six Degrees develops solid, innovative social media strategies, plans, and campaigns that are current and relevant. Working closely with our clients, we grow their digital portfolios in a sustainable manner, enhancing the client’s brand awareness through any Digital platform and drive website traffic.

Social Media



The heart of everything we do is design. Good design is clear, stripped of clutter, attractive and engaging, and most of all, functional. We have a dedicated department of visual design experts, who specialise in product PDFs, powerful presentations, and even brand and CI conceptualisation and execution.

Practical design sells things. Clever design sells ideas. We believe great graphic design should do both. And that’s what we are all about.


Event AV & Design

Bringing people together should be exciting, entertaining, and unexpected – and it should create value for the organisation. We manage our clients’ function with 10 to 1000 people, from theme to the talks to the time the lights go down.

Events cost a fortune. When planned and executed perfectly they will create even more.

Event AV & Design


Six Degrees has consistently produced exceptional deliverables whilst sometimes working under challenging circumstances. Always the consummate professionals, they have proven on numerous occasions why they are a service provider of choice to SAP. 

Ansophie Strydom

Director of Global Sponsorships, SAP

Craig Gettliffe

Craig Gettliffe


Managing Director

The first seed of Six was initially planted by Craig, many years ago. As both the founder and constant MD, Craig’s entrepreneurial spirit has seen the company grow and adapt over the years.

A beancounter (CA) by trade, having completed his articles at PricewaterhouseCoopers, he prefers not to be defined by this but tends to let his creativity do the talking, but keeps his focus on the ‘business’ side of our business.

His passion for business is paralleled with that of his family, spending time outdoors in the bush, fly-fishing and when he has the time on his MTB bike.

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