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Six Degrees Show Reel 2022

This is a short highlights reel of some of our video production and animation work. This reel includes work from clients in South Africa, Canada and EMEA. We are hired by our clients to promote their businesses and tell their stories through videos, animations and presentations.

We specialize in creating corporate videos, social media content, explainer animations, event presentation design and videos, online video ads, How-To videos, and product demo videos, amongst others. We have an expert team of scriptwriters, camera operators, designers, editors and animators to bring your vision to life.

We are experienced visual storytellers that create kick-ass content! Don't believe us? Check our latest demo reel. Six Degrees. Creating. Communicating. Connecting People.


Client: Six Degrees Productions

Location: South Africa, Canada, Netherlands

Services: Scriptwriting, Voice-over, Videography, Filming, Drone Videography, Motion Design, Animation, 3D Animation, Sound Design, Editing, Directing, Producing


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