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Kostklip® Explainer Video

Kostklip® is a North American supplier of in-store communication and merchandising solutions. They manufacture a wide range of shelf-edge communication products, from price tags to datalabel strips and ShelfTalkers™.Kostklip® contacted us because they needed to update their brand explainer animation to make it more current and include their new products, services and value proposition. We came up with a new look and feel that was modern and in line with their brand guidelines. Since all of Kostklip’s products are used in retail stores, we designed a variety of illustrations of the exterior and interior of a retail store. Then, we animated various scenes that showcase their products in different in-store settings.

We also did a B-roll shoot at their facility in Port Coquitlam to capture footage of their manufacturing process, team and products. The video is used on their website, social media, and trade shows.


Client: Kostklip

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Services: Scriptwriting, Motion Design, 2D Animation, Storyboard, Project Management, Voice-over, Music, Sound Design

Category: Explainer Animation, Explainer Video, Promotional Video, Video Marketing


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