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BANQloop Brand Explainer Animation Video

BANQloop is on a mission to provide real-time intelligence, decarbonising infrastructure and supply chains to support the closed-loop economy. Six Degrees Media Productions was hired to create an explainer video that provides a high-level look at how BANQloop’s technologies can be applied to make a difference.

We worked closely with BANQloop’s CEO and marketing team to bring their vision to life in a way that is easy to understand. We opted for a high-tech wireframe futuristic look and feel for the video to fit BANQloop’s philosophy of revolutionising the waste industry through technology. We combined this with stock footage that we treated with VFX overlays to represent data being gathered and interpreted.


Client: BANQloop

Location: Canada & U.S.

Services: Scriptwriting, Animation, Motion Design, Title Animation, Motion-Tracked Animation, VFX, Storyboard, Editing, Project Management, Music, Sound Design

Category: Company Profile Video, Explainer Video, Video Marketing, Video Production, Media Production


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